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Desk Job vs. Manuel Labor

May 22, 2009
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In the last two weeks I have the pleasure of experiencing a little bit of both. Last week it was renovating my room, which although I was not getting paid, I was waking up and painting/cleaning/dry walling/taking too many trips to Lowes. My hands and legs bore scratches and bruises, cuts and bumps, and there was Kilz in my hair.  I didn’t shower every morning, I was constantly sore, and the room was smoldering hot. It was exhausting but at the end of the day a cold beer never tasted so good.
I had to stop renovating for my real job, the one I get paid for, my internship in an office for a website. I sit at a computer all day, 9 to 5 that is, and there is little stress.  My coworkers are smart, kind, and funny, but naturally, they are enthralled in their own work, and since I am the intern, I don’t get much attention beyond ‘Hi. How are you’. It’s ok though, because I absolutely hate small talk. I try and fail every time to be a normal person with an interesting life. To be appropriately dressed I need to shower everyday and put on a little bit of makeup to hide my enormous pores and the lovely inherited bags under my eyes. Oh, I also have to put on business clothes, which – because I’ve gained so much weight and because I am completely broke – is close to torture. I’m sorry to admit that I’ve already pulled the wear and return trick at Target.
Even though the internship contributes to potential success in career endeavors it is a great deal less rewarding then the manual labor. Oddly there is less interaction with other people, even though I’m in close quarters with more people at my desk job. When I was working on the room I was constantly talking to different people for advice, or help, and often receiving praise for my hard work. In the office, I am much more isolated, until lunch hour and writing this blog is the most mentally stimulating thing I’ve done since I’ve been back this week.
I am a firm believer in balance but if I had to choose, with all money considerations aside, I’d say manual labor, such as renovating, would be the winning choice occupation.

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